Perhentian dive sites


Dive SitesDistance by boatCharacteristicsMax. Depth
Tokong Laut25minsPinnacle25meters
Secret Reef15minsBottom reef28meters
Tanjung Butong10minsReef Slope20meters
Seabell10minsCoral reef17meters
Sugar Wreck30mins90m freighter wreck20meters
Vietnamese wreck10minsBarch shipwreck24meters
Artificial reef10minsArtificial reef22meters
Surprise rock15minsRock mini pinnacle22meters
D' Lagoon15minsLagoon reef12meters
Batu Nesan10minsShore reef12meters
Batu Nesan Laut10minsMini Rock18meters
Tanjung Sireh10minsSandy rock14meters
Tanjung Basi Laut15minsRock slope30meters
Tanjung Basi10minsreef slope18meters
Black coral10minsReef rock27meters
Police Wreck10minsPatrol boats18meters
Batu layar10minsseabed reef17meters
Shark point5minsCoral reef12meters
Batu Kapal5minsRock Slope19meters
Karang Baru5minsReef rock24meters
Terumbu Dalam10minsSlope reef15meters
Terumbu Tiga15minsRock pinnacle22meters
The island has grabbed the world’s attention for its own attraction and it guarantees that every dive is a memorable experience. Perhentian island is also unforgettable gem offering a fascinating array of diving opportunities in a remarkable small area. It offers the diver over 20 dive sites, among the popular are:
Tokong Laut
The ‘pinnacle’ is among the best dive site in perhentian with magical view. Bamboo shark lying under the rock, razor fishes dancing around the colourful seafan, 3 legged turtle making more excitement, snappers and moray eels swimming around the pinnacle, stonefish/ scorpionfish at the bottom, plenty of softcorals and the very ‘cool’ whale shark will visit tokong laut occassionally.
Batu layar
This little pinnacle is a naturalist’s dream, its offers multilevel diving. It is the formation of soft/hard corals and fishes. here, you will spot a huge school of yellow-tail barracuda and yellow-stripe snappers. blacktip shark and green turtle are also common.
D’ Lagoon
Located north to perhentian small island, be prepared for the underwater manicure as cleaner shrimp around brancing anemone excitedly interact with divers. Simply lay you hand down next to the anemone, these shrimps will venture to you gently as they attempt to get rid ‘parasites’ from your nails.
Tanjung Basi/ Iron Cape
Another dive site for corals euthusiasts. Large piece of staghorn coral with Titan and Yellow margin trigger fish make their home here. So as orange-spine unicornfish. Bumphead parrotfish make a stop for the food quite often. While the hawksbill turtle swim slowly above the staghorn coral. One advice for the diver, if you feel any current drifting you farther, turnback immediately as it could drift you to the ‘big’ sea.
Vietnamese wreck
sunk in 1976, it was use to transport vietnamese refugees previously, these ‘landing craft’ lying overturned and has a length of 18m. At the top is 16m while the depest is 24m, plenty of growing soft coral on the top. Expect to see stonefish, Scorpionfish, Nudi, Cobia, Boxfish and many more.
Sugar wreck
MV Star Union 17 was a cargo ship and used to transport sugar, with the engine problem, it was already on tow by another ship. Sunk in december 2000, it had provide a new home for the marine life. The top is only 6m while the maximun depth is 20m with the length of 50m. This wreck is suitable for all level of divers and having a cargo hole that can be entered. Beside it still ‘young’ on age, the wreck already became home to many fishes and becoming one of the best dive site in perhentian.
Terumbu Tiga
Commonly known as T3, 3reefs or tiger’s rock, lay to the southeast of Perhentian. T3 is having a perfect combination of Macro and nice colorful corals, suitable for all levels of divers. There are a few swim through available for additional fun with the magnificent rock formation. The best word to describe T3- EXCELLENT.