Travel Note

Perhentian island is located on the east on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, meaning that the island will be affected by the northeast monsoon. Use the details below to plan
MonthRemarksPublic Holiday
JANFully closedClosed
FEBFew resorts resume operation on the second weekClosed
MACMostly open30 & 31
APRAll resume operation14, 28 & 29
MAYPeak season especially Labour day and Vesak day26 & 27
JUNEPeak season especially the King birthday2, 15 & 16,
JULYSuper peak7 & 14
AUGthe most peak season18 & 19, 22 & 23, 24 & 25, 31
SEPTlow season except for Malaysian day1, 8 & 9, 15 & 16
OCTsome of operators closing down on the second weekN/A
NOVfully closed due to monsoon seasonN/A
DECfully closedN/A
*closest weekend to public holiday will be considered as super peak. Reserve early

Additional notes
Climate: Average temperature is 21-32degree celsius. Humidity 80-90%. Rainfall between 2000-2500mm (most rain nov-jan)

Clothing: No dress restriction, best to dress modestly

Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

Bank & Money changer: There are no bank, ATM or money changer on the island. Most resorts/shops accept money exchange for most of the foreign currencies but at rather poor rate

Credit card: Widely accepted with 3% fees

Electricity: The connection is 220V, 50cycles using a plug with three rectangular prongs similar to UK. Adapters for the other plugs can be purchased at the airport or stores elsewhere. Most resort has made it 24hours with 8hours interchange of the generator, some chalets/shops only provide 12-16h of electricity per day.

Health & Medical Service
*The only vaccination requirements are yellow fever for those from infected areas. While still listed as a malaria-infected country, most literature states that malaria has been widely eradicated. Discuss your needs with an experienced travel doctor
*Warning: divers should never take lariam because of common side-effects including nausea and vertigo. Discuss alternatives with your doctor
*Resorts and dive centres have basic first aid services and the closest medical attention is in the fishing village on perhentian island